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Ridges Churro Bar

If you’re anything like me, you love a good churro. Who doesn’t like cinnamon sugar and fried dough? It’s a combination that everyone likes. However, ridges churro truck has changed the game with their twists on traditional churros. Their churros come in a variety of flavors like fruity pebbles, nutella, and strawberry shortcake, as well as the classic cinnamon. The churros taste absolutely amazing as they pair with their toppings very well. On top of all of this delicious fusion going on, you can have it with ice cream. Although it may seem overwhelming to some people, the ice cream tastes amazing when the churro is freshly made and warm.

They also specialize in soft serve but, I haven't been able to personally try any other flavor than vanilla.

Tracking them down is the difficult part. Unless if you follow them on social media, you just have hope for the best. They do have a website (https://ridgeschurrobar.wixsite.com/ridgeschurrobar/locations) however their schedule is not listed but their menu is! Ridges operates out of a truck and is Los Angeles based so it probably wouldn’t roam too far. But, the point of being a truck is the flexibility of going wherever you’d like to.

Ridges also caters so if you ever need a churro bar somewhere, you can just go to their website!

Ridges Churro Bar is a must if it’s in the area by you. There is no way you could regret it! Churros as they are make mouths water but with ice cream and a twist of toppings? Irresistible!

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