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The Museum of Popular Culture

Ever been to the Museum of Popular Culture, also known as MoPOP? If you’ve never been to Seattle, or even Washinton, your answer is most likely no. A lot of people tend to forget that art is more than just paintings and sculptures but, art takes on many forms through music, theatre, and dance.
I actually had the opportunity to visit MoPOP last summer and it is very interesting. Music has never really been my thing so I wasn’t excited to go there until I visited all of the little exhibit-like rooms. My friends and I were able to put on a little puppet show before visiting all the rooms. There was a room with the history of horror films, fairy tales, Star Trek, music, and even video games. You can easily find something to do anywhere in the museum! The museum itself is very impressive the moment you walk in with its purple reflective walls outside and distorting mirrors on the ceiling in the entrance. A visit will guarantee a day of fun!